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Jar Coin And Juny Web

A world where dreams come true"

We use innovative technologies to provide consumers with easy access to the full suite of blockchain services in one location.

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Introduction To Jar
And Juny Web

Blockchain projects funded by Cryptocurrency are still in the early stages of development. This new prospect has generated many buzzes in the past year, and the crypto market has been overwhelmed with introducing many coins. Some of them were con artists, and some of them were no longer alive. Our team has devised a solution based on their understanding of such scenarios and the need for the hour.

Jar Coin is the key to entering our ecosystem. Our members in JUNY WEB are developers; therefore, being decentralized opens up many new opportunities for our users. A genuinely decentralized experience! JAR COIN platform is Designed Specifically For Anyone Looking For The Best And Fastest Way To Get Into The Revolutionary age of NFT and Blockchain.

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The ultimate objective is to create a system that enables individuals to buy corporate goods registered in JUNY WEB using JAR COIN acquired through NFT Auction as opposed to a future drawn solely through a communal space and becoming everyone's fantasy and future.


Using COIN and NFT, I want to build a community by placing all of our hopes and aspirations in a jar that we use to keep things users and businesses should work together to build and launch Dreams and Futures as a platform in the future, not just one individual. Users must promote JAR COIN positively wherever they go by saying things such as, "I always support your future," and they must serve as a link between users and companies so that JUNY WEB can be used by all companies around the world. I believe that people between the ages of 10 and 20 will make up the majority of JAR COIN users. The structure and design should be straightforward enough for many friends to use, including their families.

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Why Nft-based Token?


NFTs' scarcity contributes to their value


Many NFTs can't be broken down into smaller pieces


These tokens maintain track of information on their one-of-a-kindness.

Why Invest In Our Company Token

Our company token allows you, artists, and investors, to buy and sell without the involvement of third-party or middle met and with no fraud. We want to make dreams come true that don't require rug pulling which is a new type of exit scam in which criminals posing as crypto developers depart a project and flee with investors' money by removing purchase support or a DEX liquidity pool from the market. This isolates our platform among others. Because auctioning is completely validated by smart contract validators, you will never lose the tokens you invest. The JAR COIN platform gives our users several chances to earn, invest, and work for the greater good.

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Our Core Principles


We Are One Global Team


The Foundation Principles


The Existence Of
Customers Satisfaction




Individuality Is Respected


The Successful Individuals






Token Details

Token Name


Token Symbol


The Volume Of Issue


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Token Distributions

Spare volume


Team. Advisor


Platform Ecosystem Configuration


White paper 

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